Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Laying the Track

My son and I now have three weekends into this projects. This past weekend we began laying the track. We quickly found that what looked good on paper did not necessarily work when setting up the real thing. The plan did gave us a good place to start though.

Since we are using track from previous layouts we had to do some prep work on them first, removing old solder joints and cleaning off the oxidation on the rails. Once that was done we began putting down the track. That was fun as we worked together on that.

We also went to a local toy train show. It was more like a toy train garage sale. We did find some cool 1/87 scale Hotwheel cars though and guy selling Atlas diesel locomotives that we like. He had one of the road names we wanted to model. We'll plan on picking it up at the next train show coming up which is incidentally on the next weekend we are together.